Sherina Garner

CEO, Wonderfully Made 4 You

Meet Sherina Garner, the embodiment of enthusiasm and the life of the party! In 2013, she pioneered the innovative concept of paint parties with her venture, Wonderfully Made4You. Starting with a modest count of 44 paint parties in her inaugural year, Sherina’s business has soared to an impressive 244 parties this year. Her company is not just a success story but a testament to reliability and dependability, backed by a dedicated team of 27 contractors. Sherina, often referring to herself as the “hardest working woman in Prince George’s County,” has also ventured into the real estate realm, adding yet another feather to her entrepreneurial cap.

Check out our interview with her below…

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Losing my job inspired me the most.  I lost my job three times before making the decision to work for myself.  I had to be an entrepreneur, because I made up my mind, I won’t be working for anyone else.  The motivation is my family, I need to contribute to my household and working for myself is my means of making money. My motivation truly comes from God, he doesn’t make any mistakes, he has purposed me to be in this position doing what I’m doing and he has made a way for me to do it. He knows I love people and he’s put me in position to serve people in a unique way. I love want I do and I put my best foot forward everyday.  

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made as an entrepreneur?

The biggest mistake I’ve made is not budgeting my money. I’m such a giver and love to pay everyone else, I must remember to pay myself.  God takes such good care of me; that if I have it, I would just give my money away but I can’t. To run a business it takes capital, so I’ve learned how to be a better manager of money. 

What advice would you give your previous boss?

I never look behind, I’m sure all my previous bosses know my work ethic and if they could keep me that would have but those were circumstances beyond their control. I just wish them the best in all life endeavors.  I understand, life it hard and it take the strong to survive.

Tips & Advice

What advice would you give someone transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship?

Make sure you have some money saved for those slow periods in business.  Always look for multiple streams of income, more than one way to make money.  I had to readjust my business, especially when I saw what people wanted.  Give the people what they will pay for and sometimes you figure that out as you go alone. So, when you find out what exactly what the customer is willing to pay for, allow that to be a new money stream and continue to offer what your original idea was, just know the more ways to make money the better.

If you want your family to support you and love you, remember to make time for them.  It’s hard to turn things completely off sometimes but you must, do it for them.  Put your family on your calendar if you have too.  Make them feel just important as the business, don’t let no one interrupt your time with your family. 

I believe strongly in teamwork!  Build yourself a good time, some times, it’s hard to find those right people, but if you want your business to grow, you will need good people helping you bring your vision to life.  Be good to your team and value them and they will work hard and they will be good to you and your business.  Teamwork truly make dream work! 

I couldn’t have make it on Maryland’s Top 10 list of best Sip & Paint Party companies, it it wasn’t for building an dynamic team!  On that list we were the only African American Woman business and we were the only non-franchise company.  We have worked hard to become the Premier Paint Party Company in Prince George’s County! We are expanding to Charles County in the Spring!  Wonderfully Made4You is truly wonderful and it’s not just because of me, it’s because of every 28 contractors who work to make us shine!