Laveda “Lovey” Whitfield

CEO, Created to Empower Others (C2EO)

Laveda “Lovey” Whitfield, an award-winning motivational speaker, media spokesperson, and certified life coach, brings over 22 years of entrepreneurial experience to the table. Known for her dynamic energy and impactful presence, Coach Laveda has played a pivotal role in transforming thousands of lives. A proud native of Cleveland, Ohio, she now calls Southern Maryland home, where she lives with her supportive husband and two children. Her journey includes honorable service in the U.S. Marine Corps – though no longer on active duty, she continues to travel the globe in service to others. As the CEO and founder of Created 2 Empower Others (C2EO), Laveda dedicates herself to helping individuals unleash their innate gifts and talents, offering tools and guidance to unearth the greatness within them.

Check out our interview with her below…

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

What inspired me to become an entrepreneur was the instability in the job market I was working in. I wanted to have control of my increases and the power to select my paid day(s). The true motivation in remaining in the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is the lives that I’ve seen affected. It’s the ultimate gratitude of having someone reach out to you and thanking you for your “Yes” and then impact that it’s made on them by affording me the opportunity to play a role in their lives and helping them achieve. Simply by just being an example first.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made as an entrepreneur?

Wow, one of the biggest mistakes I made was not following up with valuable leads. I allowed fear of not knowing how too, or the lack of drive unfortunately allowed me to miss out on sales, clients and major connections.

As a full-time entrepreneur managing a family, how do you maintain a healthy marriage?

Now that’s a great question. I actually conduct a training on that very subject. This at times can be a challenge, however I will say that you must make sure your spouse has a role in busy plan and that you have their support. I believe you must make sure that they are never made to feel like they are the least and that business is first. Lastly because I value family first, keep the lines of communication first and foremost in business and in life.

What leadership advice would you give your previous boss?

The advice I would give my previous boss would be, always give your employees room to grow beyond where they are now. Give them opportunity to lead and show their capabilities to shine as a leader.

Tips & Advice

What advice would you give someone transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship?

Whatever you do, just don’t stop. Turn your passion into profits. Make sure you have your goals mapped out.

Some tools that I use to manage business are simple. Everyone has one, it’ called the cell phone. That’s right your miniature computer. I still have a calendar, google docs and excel docs (that’s the old school in me). My husband also created me an application to track my clients and class schedules.

“You can either Dream of becoming a Millionaire or become a Millionaire and make your dreams come true”. ~Laveda “Lovey”